Indoor Pool

Schools, Gyms and Health Club Pool Services

Any pool or spa within an institution such as a school or gymnasium, is bound by government legislation relating to public health and safety in and around bathing areas. It’s a heavy responsibility to shoulder. Often these pools are large, with a heavy bather load, requiring constant attention and vigilance. Poolwerx can take the burden away, leaving you to get on with other priorities in your organisation.

  • Poolwerx technicians are specifically trained in caring for large public pools and other bathing areas.
  • We can do as much, or as little of the work as your require. We can even provide training for work to be performed in-house.
  • We will ensure your pools are not only clean and healthy, but comply with legislation to fulfil your Duty of Care.
  • All work is formally documented, providing proof of compliance to all relevant national and state legislation.