Pros and Cons of Salt Water Pool

Pros & Cons of a Salt Water Pool

Why use a salt water chlorinator Versus sanitizing your pool with chlorine tablets?

Sanitizing your pool with chorine tablets is safe, however, with the health and safety of your family always top of mind, it can be an issue having chemical tablets floating around in your pool and often in easy reach of young children. Some of the chlorine tablet floaters look quite cute as well! The message here – these floaters may be even more attractive and pose an even greater risk to young children  Its an important reminder as parents, to always be aware of the potential dangers any chemicals, either pool, or even general household can present.

What could happen if your child becomes attracted to these little floaters and subsequently in immediate contact with the chlorine tablets inside?

A reaction can occur that includes: 

  • burning in the mouth
  • swelling of the throat
  • throat pain
  • stomach pain
  • vomiting

Plus, direct contact with the skin and eyes can cause irritation and rashes.
As an alternative to chlorine, salt water generators installed on swimming pools still produce chlorine to sanitize the pool, but without the direct addition of chlorine tablets, powder or liquid. Salt is not an alternative to chlorine. Salt added to the pool water, produces chlorine by the process of electrolysis, as the water passes over the titanium cell plate. The benefits of salt water chlorination include the following:

  • More consistent supply of chlorine
  • No requirement for storage of potentially harmful chlorine chemicals

Importantly, a supply of healthier pool water, providing additional health benefits which are enhanced further when converted to a mineral pool.
Mineral Additive, is a unique blend of natural occurring minerals that when added to a salt chlorinated pool enhances water quality and provides health and wellbeing benefits to the bather.

  • Soft and natural feeling water
  • Moisturize your skin as you swim
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Provides a natural relief to muscular complaints
  • Relax’s your nervous system
  • Produce a mild floccing agent enhancing water quality

With a traditional hand dose system, pool owners tend to over-saturate their pools with chlorine. The saltwater system releases a smaller, consistent level of chlorination which in turn lowers the amount of damage caused to swimmers hair, skin, and eyes. The use of a saltwater generator for chlorination has also been shown to reduce the amount of irritation swimmers experience due to allergies and asthma. Skin may also be softened and soothed by small amounts of salt that remain in the water post filtration.
Although implementing a saltwater generator to your pool is expensive as an initial outlay, money is saved over time through the cheaper production of chlorine via this salt water system. There is a noticeable but small increase in electricity with the use of a saltwater generator but savings made elsewhere compensate, particularly with the savings on chemicals.

One of the drawbacks of a salt water system, is often a more pronounced fluctuation of acid requirement. But with the introduction of even more sophisticated technology the Salt Chlorinator incorporating very smart pH sensor automatically adjusts the pH to optimal levels. Optimal pH creates even softer water, requires lower levels of chlorine to be effective and kill bacteria and algae, and creates brilliant, clear water. The correct pH of your pool water helps eliminate algae, reduces chlorine demand, and eliminates the need to manually dose acid to balance the water.

Make your choices – Salt or Chlorine? Pros and cons on both sides, but ask Poolwerx the pool professionals and they would recommend salt in almost all cases