April Pools Day & Learn2Swim Month

April Pools Day &

Learn2Swim Month

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in children under five. We want to bring attention to this issue and educate pool owners about the importance of learning to swim and water safety. Kicking off with April Pools Day, we’re supporting Learn2Swim Month by partnering with local swim schools to provide trial swim lessons to children under 12. Together, we can prepare families for swim season and help reduce child drownings.

What is April Pools Day?

This is a day of awareness. Swimming pools are fun, but they can also be dangerous. April Pools Day is about making families aware of the responsibility we assume when we own a pool. Below are some statistics from CDC. Every April, we host April Pools Day to help change these terrifying statistics by helping to educate more people with this lifesaving skill.


Why do we focus on childhood drowning awareness?

Did you know drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death to children under five in the U.S.? According to the CDC, More children ages 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause of death except birth defects.

Children ages 1–4 have the highest drowning rates. Most drownings in children 1–4 happen in swimming pools. Drowning can happen anytime, including when children are not expected to be near water, such as when they gain unsupervised access to pools. Fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury death behind motor vehicle crashes for children ages 1–14.

What are 4 tips to help keep your child safe?

Knowing how to resuscitate in an emergency is vital. But it’s easier to prevent a drowning from occurring in the first place.

By reinforcing four simple steps, you can play your part in reducing childhood drownings.

  1. Secure your pool with an appropriate barrier
  2. Supervise your children
  3. Teach your kids to swim
  4. Learn CPR

Would you know what to do if this happened in your pool?

Teaching your kids to swim, learning CPR and supervising them at all times are key ways you can reduce drowning risk. It’s also important to regularly check your pool surrounds to ensure pool gates, latches and fences and check there are no objects around the fence perimeter.

Download our Pool Safety Bingo Card

Together with us, you can make a difference. Download your Pool Safety Bingo Card today!

Download Bingo Card

Download Bingo Card

What is Learn2Swim Month?

During the month of April, we want to encourage as many people as we can to learn to swim. Swimming is fun and can have many healthy benefits, but it can also save lives. Here are some statistics from the Swim Strong Foundation and the YMCA.

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