Franchising with Poolwerx

Whether you’re considering joining the Poolwerx network with your existing business or you want to start a new business as a Poolwerx Franchise Partner, there are plenty of reasons to choose Poolwerx as your franchise of choice.

An Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success Franchising with Poolwerx 4-5 mins read An Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success When John O’Brien was traveling the world looking for a franchise to launch, he was very particular about the type of business he wanted to run. “I was specifically looking for a services industry that already existed, yet had strong growth potential, high gross margins, and most importantly, was totally disorganised,” O’Brien says. During a visit to California in the early ’90s, the Brisbane native noticed that the swimming pool maintenance business was driven by a lot of one-person-and-a-van operations. “I’d finally found my business.” Read More
Franchise Partner Kevin Schoolcraft talks about why he chose Poolwerx Franchising with Poolwerx 5 minutes to read Franchise Partner Kevin Schoolcraft talks about why he chose Poolwerx At Poolwerx we have many different Franchise Partners come from different paths. Some have had their own businesses before while others are just starting to learn how to run a business. Check out the video below to hear Kevin Schoolcraft, owner of Poolwerx Frisco and North Preston, discuss going to franchise expo’s in Dallas where he was introduced to Poolwerx and how he was inspired. Read More