5 Poolside Patio Furniture Must Haves

It’s estimated that there are over 10 million residential swimming pools in the United States. And, swimming, whether it be competitive or recreational, is the fourth most popular sport in the country. This means that as Americans, we really love our backyard and poolside patio spaces. As such, it is no wonder that we want our poolside patios to look their best, creating a space that our family and friends will want to hang out in, over and over throughout the summer months. Check out these 5 Poolside Patio Furniture must haves!

What do I need to make an amazing poolside patio?

If you aren’t sure where to begin in creating a fantastic poolside patio space, we’ve put together this handy list to help you get started.


Chase lounge

1. The chaise lounge

– This may perhaps be the most glamorous item you can add to your poolside patio. Offering class and comfort, adding the perfect chaise lounge or two will dress up your space and will create a comfortable setting in which to lounge before or after a dip in the pool. Wicker and rattan options with colorful cushions can show off your personal style and are far more comfortable than the old-school mesh versions that don’t fit a cushion. Most chaise lounges offer adjustable backs too that make it comfortable and convenient to recline at the angle you like best.

2. Bistro sets

– Complementing the other items on your poolside patio with a high-top bistro set can create a nice dimension amongst your other furniture. These table sets provide an excellent option to take a break after a dip in the pool while sipping on some lemonade. Or, you can sit back at the end of an evening and share a glass of wine with a friend or loved one. A bar-height bistro set can keep your drinks and snacks protected from chlorinated pool splashes, and if you select a folding option, can be easily stored during the off-season.  


patio sofa and furniture

3. Outdoor sofas and sectionals

– Typical patio furniture of the past really aren’t all that popular anymore. The common table and chairs that just looks like an outdoor version of your dining room set tend to get used less and less unless you have young children that enjoy eating a meal by the pool. Instead, consider a cushioned sectional set that can provide comfortable poolside seating. Most of today’s outdoor sectionals have comfortable, weather-resistant upholstery. You can complement the look with fun outdoor throw pillows and a matching ottoman. In some cases, ottomans can be designed with a cover on top that can be easily opened for storage of pool toys and accessories, or to store pillows when the set is not in use. 

4. Hammock

– Nothing says summer relaxation quite like a hammock, a good book, and an outdoor beverage. You don’t need trees to hang your hammock either, as many models come with wooden or metals stands that make assembly and portability easy. When selecting your outdoor hammock, ensure it is made with a comfortable rope so that you can experience the summer breeze. Another option is to choose a hammock made from sturdy, weather-resistant fabric. If you select a brightly colored option that matches the accessories or cushions from your outdoor sectional, it can be used to create excellent balance in your poolside patio look. And if you really want to relax and the chaise lounge is commonly claimed by someone else, you could consider an outdoor instead.

Adirondack chairs

5. Adirondack chairs

– If you have never sunk into an Adirondack chair, then you are definitely missing out. These beach chairs are classic and work on a beach or on your poolside patio. The comfortable yet sophisticated design of these chairs makes them low to the ground so that you can get cozy for an afternoon or evening of relaxing by the pool. Most Adirondacks have a nice wide design and come in subdued colors as well as vibrant options, which means they can help you create any look you might be going for. Consider adding a matching ottoman or footstool for additional comfort.

Your poolside patio is THE place to be in the summer 


Spending time in the outdoors, especially during the summer months when the weather is good can lead to a better mood and a better outlook on life. Even five minutes a day out in the warmth and sun is good for our bodies, and our soul. Check out some backyard ideas for summer to make your outdoor look even more enjoyable. Oftentimes, even with the high prevalence of residential pools across the country, and the popularity of swimming, we simply do not spend enough time outdoors.


With today’s increasing reliance on computers and internet devices, even children are not getting outside like they used to. However, when you design a poolside patio space that is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, you will find that you want to be outside more and more. And to protect yourself from the sun, in addition to the obvious recommendation of wearing a sun hat and sun protection, a sixth great add for your poolside patio is a canopy umbrella system that can be relocated as needed to provide you with a shady area so that you can cool off. These systems can help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and can even provide additional UV protection for your patio furniture during the day.


Whatever poolside patio products that you choose, just get yourself outside. The more you take time to enjoy the day, the healthier you will be, and the more productive you will be when you need it. The fresh air is good for you, and everyone needs to relax once in a while. Make yours a place that others will wish they had too, or even better, invite them over to join you!


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