Poolwerx Forest Lane ranks 5 in top staff management

“A company’s success is measured by its employees, so staff management was heavily weighted in the scoring.” Rebecca Rovledo. Poolwerx is ranked #5 out of the Top 50 Service rankings under staff management.


Forest Lane Group employees

Pictured above is some of our Poolwerx Forest Lane staff

Poolwerx strives to be the best across the board in customer service and we realize it starts with our staff. We appreciate our employees and how hard they work everyday for our clients from cleaning the pools, back of the house accounting and retail associates. Every single team member at Poolwerx is like family to us. People first, always!

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Providing quality service is priority!

Poolwerx Forest Lane ranked #13 and Poolwerx Palm Desert ranked #15 in the Top 50 Swimming Pool and Spa Service Companies. Displaying the courage to succeed, overcoming adversity and constantly rekindling their passion for our brand and their clients, these two franchises are making things happen.

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Palm Dessert Employee

Pictured above is some of our Poolwerx Palm Desert staff.

Top 10 ranking for residential revenue.

We received a great recognition with a #6 ranking in the Top 50 Service under Residential Revenues. Pool and Spa News combined the reported residential and commercial service revenues from pool stores all over the United States and we are honored and the proud of all of the hard work and dedication of our Franchise Partners.

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