JLXL Hot Tub

Jacuzzi J-LXL Select Series

When Jacuzzi asked what people most desire in a hot tub (besides an amazing massage experience), energy efficiency topped the list. Along with the J-LX™ model, the J-LXL™ saves more on operating costs than any other hot tub in its class, while delivering signature Jacuzzi innovation:


Hot Tub Specs

Seats: 5-6 Adults
PowerPro Jets: 38
Dimensions: 84 in x 84 in x 36 in
Spa Volume: 390 US gal.
Energy Efficiency: $10.94 Monthly

Shell Colors

Silver-Pearl acrylic spa colorSahara acrylic spa colorDesert-Sand acrylic spa colorPorcelain acrylic spa colorPlatinum acrylic spa colorCarribean_Surf_Acrylic spa colorMonaco acrylic spa colorMidnight acrylic spa colorSandstone acrylic spa colorOpal acrylic spa color

Cabinet Colors



Hot Tub Features



Lounge seat featuring high-performance Jets (RX) for your shoulders, and targeted pressure point jets and deep tissue jets from your neck (NX2) to your feet (FX). Seats throughout also feature deep tissue jets for your neck, back and calves.


Lounge in spa




CLEARRAY® utilizes the same UV-C technology that beverage manufacturers, municipal waste water plants, hospitals and other health care environments use without producing or adding gas, chemicals, or other by-products to the water as a result.







Patented flat surface deck profile for a minimalist look while eliminating exposed acrylic for energy efficiency.