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Cal Spas array of swim spa options make it easy to find the one that’s right for you and your family. Choose from several varying swim spa concepts to cater to any and all fitness levels and family needs. From beginner, to health enthusiasts, to professional athletes, our lineup of Swim-Pro Swim & Fitness spas offer you the joy, relaxation, and convenience of a complete aquatic gym in your very own backyard. After a full body workout, you can relax or cool off thanks to Cal Spa’s specialty seating design.

Our Models of Swim Spas

Cal Spas Swim Pro™ Swim & Fitness Spas allow customers to enjoy the convenience of a complete aquatic exercise regime in the comforts of their own backyard. We offer many different models in our Swim Pro™ line whether your shopping by price, size or collection. Our expert staff have extensive experience across the range and can make a recommendation for you. Schedule a soak test and try one out today!

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F-1681 Commander Swim Spa



12- Person Swim Spa with 81 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 200″ X 51″

f-1421 Swim Spa



6- Person Swim Spa with 20 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 170″ X 51″

F-1222 Swim Pro Top View



6- Person Swim Spa with 22 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 141″ X 42″



11- Person Swim Spa with 25 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 151″ X 51″



SWIM-PRO 11 Person Swim Spa with 25 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 151″ X 51″



SWIM-PRO 11 Person Swim Spa with 25 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 151″ X 51″


F-1641 Swim Pro Champion



6- Person Swim Spa with 41 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ X 200″ X 51″

f-1896 Swim Spa Olympian



Dual Zone Swim Spa with 56 Jets + 3- Person Hot Tub with 33 Jets

Dimensions: 93″ x 210″ x 51″

Want to know more about Swim Spas?

Why not visit our showroom and look at all of our different floor models. You can also call ahead to schedule an appointment with one of our spa consultants. Don’t forget to bring your swim suits and take a test soak while you’re here!

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