Marketing Support

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business.

Great service goes a long way in bringing you repeat clients and word-of-mouth business, but it’s comprehensive marketing that brings new clients through your door to expand your business and opportunities.


At Poolwerx, we believe your success is our success, so we’re committed to providing you with comprehensive marketing support.

Our approach to online and offline marketing encompasses three levels: National, Regional and Local. These levels work in unison to consistently deliver the right message to pool and hot tub / spa owners in your area, driving both new clients and sales as well as repeat clients and sales, minimizing churn and keeping you and the Poolwerx brand top of mind and on the “shopping list” for pool owners. We also provide support to our retail store Franchise Partners.

This layering and cut through would be impossible for any one service centre or truck to achieve independently. But with the support of the Poolwerx in-house marketing team, you can enjoy “big business” marketing reach for your franchise business.

You can concentrate on building your business and taking care of clients while our marketing specialists leverage their specific areas of expertise to drive new people through the door and bring clients back again and again.


National Marketing

Driving Brand Awareness.

Poolwerx uses national marketing to boost brand awareness. Leveraging a variety of media, including TV advertising, sponsorship, website marketing, Search Engine Marketing and public relations, our marketing team use external research to ensure that we consistently reach our core target audience.

Regional Marketing

Partnering with Other Franchise Partners.

Working with other Franchise Partners in your region lets you share costs and ideas to highlight the Poolwerx brand and drive direct sales. Best of all, our in-house marketing team supports you throughout the entire process to help you get the results you’re chasing with marketing that’s suited to your area and needs.

Local Area Marketing

You’re the Marketing Manager.

Take control as Marketing Manager of your business. With templates, training and more, our marketing team supports you to develop your own marketing plan and arm you with the tools to deliver it. With our help, you can effectively speak to your client base via email, social media, special promotions and other channels.

Retail Marketing

We’re With You.

Getting the marketing mix right in retail is critical. Poolwerx provides a range of retail merchandising tools to suit all store sizes, store layouts and seasonality. From educational spaces and special promotions to in-store working displays, Poolwerx have tried and tested what works to take away the guess-work for you.

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