The greater your purchasing power, the easier it is to run a competitive and successful business.

Poolwerx Franchise Partners enjoy all the usual benefits of the negotiating and buying power of a national group. However, they also enjoy one additional key benefit: our suppliers don’t simply provide products to Poolwerx Franchise Partners, they partner with our team in every sense of the word.


Partners in Profit

Through our Partners in Profit program, Poolwerx suppliers provide our Franchise Partners with ongoing training and support, ensuring you have the tools needed to make more sales. Our Partners in Profit make it their priority to ensure that the Poolwerx team are the best trained, best supported and best supplied people in the aftermarket pool and hot tub / spa care industry. This sets us apart from other franchises in that our suppliers act as an extension of your business. Always just a phone call away, they’re available to speak to you directly and provide you with a fantastic range of products that add great value to your business.


Road to Market Testing

Every Poolwerx product you see in our Franchise Partner’s stores and vehicles goes through a rigorous testing regime called “Road to Marketing” testing. This ensures that the products you stock aren’t just products your clients want – you can also assure those clients that the products on your shelves are high quality, reasonably priced, well-tested and true to their claims.


In the retail space, presentation is everything. The more your clients positively engage and interact with your retail environment, the more likely they are to invest in purchasing from you. Poolwerx maintains high levels of retail and mobile presentation across our Franchise Partners’ businesses. Whether it be ensuring the displays and products in your retail store are on point or providing mobile trucks where everything is neat, tidy and easily-accessible for poolside clients, Poolwerx helps you to deliver a premium shopping experience through bright and colourful retail displays.


Poolwerx carries the best quality range of any pool or hot tub / spa retailer – and we’re prepared to put our reputation to that fact. To prove that our Road to Market testing program provides products of fantastic quality and value, our Franchise Partners offer free in-home demonstrations for many of our products. A range of demonstrator stock is also available for your retail store to encourage interaction between the clients and your products and ensure that clients go home with the best product for them.

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