Heat Pumps

As a pool owner, you want to make sure you make the most out of your pool year-round! Heat pumps are a fantastic addition to any pool and can ensure the temperature is always just right for swimming. A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from the outside air into the water. Since they use heat that is already available and just move it from one place to another, they use less electricity making it energy efficient.

These pool heaters may cost more than gas pool heaters at the outset, but they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies, according to energy.gov. With proper maintenance, heat pump pool heaters typically last longer than gas pool heaters. Therefore, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Heat pump pool heaters work efficiently as long as the outside temperature remains above the 45ºF–50ºF range. The cooler the outside air they draw in, the less efficient they are. However, in mild climates such as Florida, heat pumps can be ran efficiently most of the year, if not year-round. Browse our pool heat pump options below and contact your local Poolwerx to learn more about our heating products and ensure you get the most use out of your pool.

Aquacal HeatWave SuperQuiet

Making the right choice just got a whole lot easier. All of our HeatWave SuperQuiet® Heat Pumps are fully tested and certified by AHRI. Some of the HeatWave SuperQuiet® models are also ICEBREAKERS®, which heat and cool the pool. The ICEBREAKER® units extend the swimming season longer than any other heat pump by continuing to operate in low temperatures.

  • Patented hydraulic design adds only 2 PSI at 45 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps
  • Saves money when using a variable speed pump by reducing the RPM needed to achieve the same flow rate
  • Save money in a single speed pump application by reducing the run time needed to achieve the same turnover rate of the pool

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Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump

Whether you enjoy warm and relaxing water or prefer it cool and refreshing, the Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump with SoundShield™ Technology regulates your pool and spa’s temperature for the utmost comfort while significantly reducing operational noise. An energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your pool when you want to raise the temperature, the VersaTemp draws heat from the air into your pool water. And for overly hot days when you want to cool off, it pulls heat from the pool. And, for the best of both worlds, it features dual thermostats so you can set the perfect temperature in your pool and spa.

  • Innovative thermo control technology that can make your pool water the perfect temperature
  • Swept-wing blade design that decreases turbulence and a decibel dampening acoustic blanket to help muffle compressor reverberation for even quieter operation
  • Takes performance to the next level with increased heat output for more efficient and faster heating

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