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Free Water Test with Poolwerx

 Get a FREE 60 Second Water Test

Come into any store for your free test. Follow these simple instructions:

Collect your water sample from your pool or spa:

Make sure you collect the sample from about an arm’s length under the water surface, away from any return outlets and skimmer boxes. Poolwerx supply water testing bottles to make it easy. If you don’t already have a Poolwerx water test bottle you can pick one up for free at your local Poolwerx store.

Bring Your Water Sample to your local Poolwerx store

It is important to ensure that the sample’s chemical make-up doesn’t alter too much before testing so the fresher the sample the more accurate the results will be in store.

Get Your Results

Just 60 seconds later our Poolwerx pool technicians will provide you with the results of your computerized water analysis and the exact chemical dosages required for a healthy and safe pool or spa.

Why is the in store computerized test better than a manual test? 

It’s quick, more accurate and tests on nine factors that affect your pool’s health and appearance.

Visit your nearest Poolwerx Store today to get your water tested

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my FREE 60 Second Water Test?

You can get your water test at any Poolwerx store around the United States. With 32+ stores across the US, you can find your nearest Poolwerx using our store locator provided on this page or we can come to you – book a home pool or spa service today!

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Do you test for everything in a FREE 60 Second Water Test?

We’ll analyze your water for chlorine, bromine, pH, hardness (calcium), alkalinity, cyanuric acid (stabilizer), phosphate, copper and iron — everything that determines whether your pool is balanced, safe and healthy.

But what will I do for a whole minute?

You can Like Us on Facebook, browse our range of pool toys and party accessories, or ask us how to stay cool this summer with no interest payment plans!

Can you come to me?

Absolutely! We have over 180 mobile pool technicians across the United States that can come to you to offer computerized water testing, full pool servicing, repairs and pool advice in your backyard.

Please note that charges apply for home pool water tests and other home services.