Pool Smarter

Pool smarter not harder! Upgrade to a smart pool and start the decade off right.

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Offer Ends 01/31/2020

Everyone is making the conversion to a fully functional smart home. Everything from light bulbs and thermostats to ovens and security systems. Why not have a smart pool? Poolwerx offers ways to automate your pool and right now is the best time to invest because you can do things you never could before.

All AquaLink pool automation systems now work with Amazon’s Alexa home automation to control your pool and spa. Use the Alexa Voice Service to turn on your spa when you arrive home from work, activate your filter pump from the couch or turn on your water features while getting ready — all without lifting a finger.

Automation Smarter

Simply ask Alexa to “turn on the spa” or “turn on spa heater.” You can also control additional pool features, such as waterfalls and control the temperature settings of your spa. How cool is that?

“Alexa, set my spa temperature to 102 degrees”

Poolwerx is here to help you find the right solution for you. We also offer installation and interest-free financing. Contact us today for a FREE quote!