Time To Spring into a Clean Pool

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Offer Ends 04/30/2019

Book a Green to Clean Pool Service and Get One Month Of Pool Maintenance Service Free

(Savings up to $150)

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Have you let your pool go all winter and now as it gets warmer you are starting to wonder what you are going to do to get it ready for the summer? Don’t worry as every pool owner has been in your shoes. Maybe you covered it all winter and you are just now pulling the cover off and it is a bright swampy green color.

Call your local Poolwerx and Schedule your Green to Clean now and you will receive your one month of maintenance service for FREE.

With Poolwerx you are getting a certified maintenance technician who is properly trained and background checked as well as our top of the line water testing analysis system, so you can worry less about healthy water and worry more on enjoying your summer!

What can a Green pool cause?

  • Well for one, who wants to look at a green pool in the backyard right?
  • It can actually stain your plaster and if it sits for too long, a chlorine or acid wash may not remove all of it.
  • It attracts mosquitoes and allows for unhealthy bacteria to grow which is harmful to you and others around you.