Hot Spring Highlife NXT




The Hot Spring Highlife® Collection NXT. Unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced.With input from BMW Group Designworks, the stunning new Hot Spring Spa Highlife Collection NXT spas represent the future of spa design.

Blank Canvas Approach

The Hot Spring and the Designworks teams redefined the spa experience with a completely fresh perspective.

Style and Function

It has to look and work beautifully. We meticulously refined and enhanced both form and function.

Distinctly Yours

The spa you’ve waited for: easy to use, energy efficient and beautifully designed for an unparalleled experience.


Grandee NXT 7 Person Hot Tub

8’4″ x 7’7″ X 38″H 500 Gallons

  • Insulating Hinge Seal
  • 100% no-bypass filtration
  • Bell Fontana® fountain


Envoy NXT 5 Person Hot Tub

7’9″ x 7’7″ x 38″H 450 Gallons

  • Luminescence® multi-color four-zone
  • Quiet continuous filtration
  • Bell Fontana® fountain


Jetsetter NXT 3 Person Hot Tub

7′ X 5’5″ X 33″ 225 GALLONS

  • IQ 2020® with wireless remote control
  • Wavemaster® 9000 one-speed
  • 100% no-bypass filtration


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