The Benefits of Salt Water Systems

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Have you ever considered converting to a saltwater pool? It’s simpler than you think.

Salt chlorination is a more natural and convenient method of delivering chlorine to your pool, compared to harsher liquid and solid chemical chlorine that’s used in traditional pools. It is also a lower-cost alternative to chemical chlorine sanitization. Get a healthier, more natural swimming experience by investing in a salt water system!

Poolwerx technicians are pool experts and will be able to help you figure out the best option for you and your family.

Featured Product: Jandy AquaPure® Salt Chlorinator

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  • Automatic self-cleaning feature ensures consistent operation and extended lifespan of the cell
  • Exclusive Tri-Sensor technology provides reliable electronic water flow detection to sustain maximum performance, even at very low flow rates
  • Digital salinity read-out for accurate salt-level indication
  • Flow, temperature and status readings provide instant feedback on the current operation
  • When combined with PureLink™ power centers, AquaLink and AquaPure work together for the ultimate in pool sanitizing and remote operation convenience
  • Seamless communication with AquaLink Control systems enables easy monitoring of salt levels and convenient, precise sanitizer output settings

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The Benefits of Salt Water Systems

  • Salt water chlorination produces clean, clear, smoother water that feels luxuriously soft to swim in.
  • Salt chlorination is a natural sanitization method, compared to using harsh liquid or solid chemical chlorine.
  • Pleasant and healthier swimming experience with fewer chloramines produced (that’s what causes the “chlorine” smell and itching skin).
  • Lower overall cost compared to traditional liquid or solid chlorine.
  • Reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduce the chlorine smell.
  • Less maintenance is needed compared to traditional chlorinated swimming pools because the pool creates its own chlorine. Poolwerx can also help with all your service needs!

A more natural, sparkling clean pool

For many pool owners, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how to keep their pool sanitized, sparkling clean, and safe for their family to swim around in without the worry of potentially harmful pathogens swimming around with them.  Chlorine, the chemical used to sanitize pools, becomes an important ingredient for a healthy pool. Chlorine uses a simple reaction to break down the cell walls of potentially harmful microorganisms. While the bacteria-killing properties of chlorine are very useful, and are considered safe in normal amounts, chlorine also has some side effects that can be annoying to humans, and possibly even hazardous.

Chlorine is necessary for a healthy pool. But there is a gentler chlorine your family can enjoy: Salt Chlorination!

Salt chlorination is a more natural and convenient method to delivering chlorine to your pool, to harsher liquid and solid chemical chlorine that’s used in traditional pools. It is also a lower-cost alternative to chemical chlorine sanitization.

Instead of adding in store-bought chlorine, saltwater pools create their own chlorine through a process called electrolysis. When you add pool grade salt to a chlorine generator, the generator runs salty water through two electrically charged plates, which converts it to chlorine. The pool water is still sanitized using chlorine, but the process is different from that of a typical chlorine pool. Saltwater chlorine generation results in fewer chloramines, which are a mix of chlorine and contaminants.  Chloramines are what cause that infamous “chlorine” smell, as well as unpleasant side effects like itchy skin and eye irritation. Salt water pools also produce chlorine at a more steady rate,  which leads to a gentler and more natural swimming experience.


3 Steps to a Saltwater Pool

  1. Step one: Find a Poolwerx near you and ask about a saltwater pool.
  2. Step two: Install your salt water system with easy DIY instructions (or ask Poolwerx to install for you)
  3. Step three: Enjoy your saltwater pool!

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