Pool Equipment Replacement


Pool Equipment Replacement

Let Poolwerx make finding the right pool and hot tub / spa equipment painless and easy. Ensure that your investment continues to operate effectively and cost-efficiently for years to come by using high-quality equipment and replacement parts from one of our trusted vendors.

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Pool Equipment Replacement

Is your pool equipment old and worn out? Maybe you would like to upgrade to the latest technology to save time and electricity? Poolwerx can help you with the latest pool equipment to make pool ownership a pleasure.

We can supply and install:

  • Energy efficient pumps that can save up to 90% of electricity costs*
  • Salt water chlorinators including some that can test the water and self adjust
  • Filters including the latest glass media filter
  • Robotic, suction and pressure pool cleaners
  • Pool heating
  • Controllers and chemical feeders

If you have an equipment need, Poolwerx can help. We have the experience and knowledge to advise you of your best solution to help get the best out of your pool. We can help reduce the running costs through the latest technology in pumps and cleaners.

Let Poolwerx come out and look over your pool equipment for a free, no obligation quote.