Health Checks


Health Checks

Did you know that your pool should be inspected throughout its life to ensure everything is in working order? Getting a pool health check will help you know that your pool is remaining safe, healthy and in proper working order. Here at Poolwerx, we recommend scheduling regular pool health checks to make sure things are running smoothly.



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What is a health check?

With a Pool Health Check, you will receive a thorough visual inspection of every aspect of your pool, a free water test, and expert recommendations to improve your water chemistry. Our certified pool technicians make sure your pool is sparkling and healthy, and your weekends are blissfully stress-free.


Health checks include the following:


  • Check your water chemistry
  • Expert water chemistry recommendations
  • Check automation
  • Check automatic cleaner
  • Equipment inspection (filter, heater, pump)
  • Diagnose heater issues
  • Inspect structural integrity

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