It's Time for Your Pool Check Up


Healthy Pools Need Routine Check Ups

Pool check ups will save you money by detecting any errors with your equipment before they become costly repairs. The Poolwerx pool experts will ensure that your pool is running at maximum efficiency.

What is a Pool Check Up?

Think of it as a regular check up you might have with your doctor. Our Poolwerx professionals run through a check list of diagnostic evaluations that will determine if your pool is healthy.

Walk Me Through a Pool Check Up

First we’ll check your pumps for potential leaks, electronic disconnections, and motor malfunctions. Your Poolwerx professional will then perform a full pool sweep by carefully inspecting the filters, heaters, and sanitizers. The filter inspection does not include a filter clean. Next is the pool controls evaluation. Our experts will confirm if your controls are working properly — your lights, pumps, air blower, and other equipment all depend on a healthy control system. Lastly, we will inspect your pool’s structure. Our professionals will identify any issues with your pool tile, coping, expansion, or decking.

I Need a Pool Check Up. How Can I Make This Happen?

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Void where prohibited. Only at participating locations. While supplies last. Core equipment includes pool pumps, heaters, heat pumps, chiller/heater combos, chlorinators, salt cell systems, filter systems, controllers, and automatic cleaners. Products and discounts vary by location.

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