How to Detect a Leak in Your Pool

When it’s this hot outside, it’s hard to tell if your pool is secretly leaking somewhere or if it’s due to pool evaporation or extra swimming activity that happens in the warmer months.

The general rule is: If you are losing more than ½ an inch of water per day, there is a good chance the pool is leaking somewhere. That’s when the question comes up: “Where is the pool leaking?” Believe it or not, most leaks are not underground; they are often located at the pool equipment.

If there is no leaking water visible at the pool equipment there is still hope that the leak is indeed above ground. Most of the time, when a pool is losing water and there is no visible leak at the equipment, the leak is in the backwash valve. If you are losing water through the backwash valve, you may not notice it because most backwash waste lines are tied into the sewer waste line.

Multi-port backwash valves 

have a tendency to leak water into the backwash line when the seat gasket gets worn out or the handle was not fully pressed while turning the valve to set to the backwash position.

multiport valve

Push pull backwash valves

have 2-3 o-rings on a piston that need to be replaced every couple of years or it can begin leaking or become stuck causing water to escape into the backwash line.

push pull valve set up

Poolwerx recommends having a service technician come out and evaluate the system before committing to a full leak detection. The problem may be able to be resolved with only a service call.

If the leak is determined to actually be an underground leak, Poolwerx offers a full leak detection. We will pressure test all of the suction and return lines to determine exactly where the leak is. We will dye test the entire pool searching for leads in the shell, skimmers, suction lines, and return lines in the pool itself. After determining exactly where the leaks are, we will provide you with an accurate estimate for the repairs. Don’t waste another day or anymore water. Call us today to schedule a service call and get the problem resolved right away.

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