Pool Builder Services


Pool Builder Services

As a professional pool builder, you know all about the issues that can arise during the final stages of construction.

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As your project nears completion, it’s reassuring to know that an expert technician has prepared the pool for handover and provided your client with valuable advice at this crucial stage. Client satisfaction signals the perfect end to a successful build. Which is why Poolwerx remains committed to providing specialist pool services for the pool construction industry. We can even assist you throughout the construction process, allowing you to focus your time and energy elsewhere.

Below are just some of the services we can provide:

  • Secondary plumbing, including laying all PVC lines from the pool shell to the filtration plant and pressure testing all lines if required
  • Pool shell cleaning and filling
  • Equipment installation, including pumps, filters and ancillary equipment
  • Completing pool handover, including instruction and adding initial chemicals to water
  • Ongoing pool maintenance agreements for your clients for a few months or as required, offered through the supply of vouchers

Why work with Poolwerx?

Pool builders and Poolwerx make a powerful partnership.

By combining our services and expertise with your workmanship, we can ensure an efficient handover and a quality outcome, so you’re free to focus on your core business and increase efficiency.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy that kind of competitive advantage?

Contact us today to discuss how you can partner with Poolwerx to make pool handover hassle-free.

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