Hot Tub / Spa Service


Hot Tub / Spa Service

Want to keep your hot tub / spa in top condition? Protect your investment and ensure it’s always ready to use with professional hot tub / spa maintenance from Poolwerx.

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There’s nothing better than slipping into your hot tub / spa to relax at the end of a long day. But if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, your hot tub / spa needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it healthy and in good working order.

At Poolwerx, keeping your hot tub / spa crystal clear and ready to use is our top priority – and we are great at it!

Weekly Maintenance Includes

  • Vacuum hot tub / spa
  • Add water
  • Test water and adjust water chemistry
  • Clean filters per manufacturer recommendations
  • Wipe down around the top of hot tub / spa, water line and around pillows


Request a service today so you can be assured your hot tub / spa will be ready for you to enjoy it, every time.