How to Keep Your Pool Refreshed All Summer



As the temperatures heat up and people swim in their pool more and more, organic material like algae, bacteria, and other pollutants start swimming in your pool more. Keeping your pool water healthy through the summer can sometimes require a little TLC. 

Looking for the products to keep your pool refreshed this summer? Read below to learn about our product recommendations and what situations they help with.



Algaecide is essential in preventing algae growth by fighting off organic contaminants (like debris from plant matter or insects) introduced into your pool. If the water in your pool is not properly balanced, algae will start to form. Algaecides are better at controlling algae than killing algae. Adding a long-lasting algaecide to your pool water at the beginning of summer adds an extra layer of protection for your pool.

Enzymes & Clarifiers


Enzymes help remove organic contaminants that can cause algae growth. Enzymes lift deposits from the pool’s surface, allowing for easier removal of unwanted contaminants. Similarly, clarifiers do what their name suggests – they help clarify pool water by removing particles that make it cloudy or hazy.  Clarifiers sweep the water clear of tiny particles not caught by a filter and attach to them, enabling them to be removed easily through the filter.

Phosphate Reducers


Phosphate removers can be an effective tool for maintaining your pool. Because phosphates are a food source for algae, high levels of phosphates can lead to algae growth. Using phosphate removers help restore balance to your pool water and can prevent algae blooms.

Scale Remover


Scale buildup is a calcium carbonate that solidifies on pool walls and surfaces, usually white or tan, with a rough or gritty texture. It’s easier to prevent scale on the pool surface than to clean it off after it has formed. Regular cleaning and using scale remover helps limit scale formation, keeping your tile looking sparkly and new!

Don’t Forget to Test Your Water

The more you use your pool, the more often you should test your pool water. A general rule of thumb is to test weekly during the peak of summer – or even more frequently if you regularly have pets or young children in your pool.

Maintaining a consistent cleaning regime and using the right chemicals is the number one way to keep your pool water fresh and clean. Visit your local Poolwerx for a free water test and advice on what your pool needs to stay healthy and perfectly swimmable all summer long.

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