Realtors Pool Services


Realtors Pool Services

While a pool or hot tub / spa can add value to a property, it can also add frustration and expense for realtors. What happens when the pool isn’t properly maintained by a tenant, or when a potential buyer sees its existence as a headache?

These are problems easily solved. By retaining Poolwerx as your agency’s pool maintenance partner, you can put an end to your pool and spa worries.

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Why work with Poolwerx?

  • Year-round servicing available for pools and hot tubs / spas
  • Significant risk management systems and services provided for landlords, tenants and realtors
  • Added-value through on-site assessment and instruction, health and safety advice and hard-copy documentation
  • Pool drain and clean services available for restoring problem pools and hot tubs / spas
  • Short-term pool maintenance for properties with temporary vacancies
  • Green pool clean-up services
  • Equipment repair and replacement
  • Complimentary poolside orientation for both new home purchasers and new tenants

Want to enjoy a “win-win” pool maintenance partnership? Contact Poolwerx today to discuss how we can help ensure that your pools remain an asset, not a liability.

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