How to Keep Your Pool Equipment in Top Condition

When was the last time you had a pool care professional look at your pool equipment? Maintaining a swimming pool requires not just keeping the water clean, but also ensuring that all equipment is in good working order. Below are some pool equipment maintenance tips to keep your pool in a great condition for years to come.

  • Clean your equipment regularly

Dirt and debris can clog the filters, pumps, and other equipment, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. Clean the equipment regularly, paying special attention to the filters, which should be cleaned or replaced regularly. 

  • Check the water chemistry

Maintaining the right water chemistry is critical to keep your equipment functioning properly and to reduce the amount of work needed when you’re ready to swim. We recommend getting a free water test in store at Poolwerx every other week, which will not only test your pH and chlorine levels but also calcium hardness, salt level, stabilizer and alkalinity.

  • Replace worn or damaged parts

Worn or damaged parts can cause a chain reaction of problems, so it’s important to replace them promptly. Regularly inspect your equipment and replace any parts that show signs of wear and tear.

  • Schedule regular maintenance


Regular pool equipment maintenance is the best way to ensure that your pool remains clean and healthy. By arranging for Poolwerx to maintain your pool, you can be assured it’s always in top condition. You’ll also be left with more time to enjoy it! 

In conclusion, keeping your pool equipment in top condition requires regular cleaning, maintenance, and inspection. By following these tips, you can ensure that your equipment will last longer, run more efficiently, and provide you with years of trouble-free pool enjoyment

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