Pool Lighting


Pool Lighting

Illuminate your pool with modern pool lighting technology. Whether you want to replace your old pool lights or completely re-do your pool lighting, Poolwerx can help.

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Range of Pool Lights Available

Whether your pool is plunged into darkness every evening or you simply want to upgrade to the best in modern pool lighting technology, Poolwerx can help.

Our local service technicians have access to all the major brands of pool lights and pool light parts – plus the expertise to install them. Whether you want to switch your older style pool light bulbs to more modern and efficient ones or to whole pool light and transformer replacement, we’ve got you covered. In most cases, we recommend you consider LED pool lights as they have lower operating costs, longer life and brighter output.

Pool Light Installation

In addition to supplying and installing standard pool lights and pool light parts, your Poolwerx service technician can supply and install remote control units to turn your pool lights on and off. You can even choose to get automated or manual multi-color changing LED pool lights – a perfect choice if you plan to host a pool party or two this summer.

Whatever your pool lighting needs may be, we can illuminate the right answer for you.

Give your local Poolwerx service technician a call to arrange a free quote and discuss how you can get your pool lights to shine bright.


Poolwerx Pool lighting

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