Hot Tub / Spa Drain and Clean


Hot Tub / Spa Drain and Clean

Protect your investment and keep your hot tub / spa crystal clear by having it professionally drained, cleaned, sanitized and water-balanced by Poolwerx.

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A hot tub / spa is a big investment, so it pays to look after it! If you want your hot tub / spa to remain crystal clear and ready to use at all times, it’s important to have it regularly drained, cleaned, sanitized and water-balanced.

At Poolwerx, our service technicians are pros at hot tub / spa maintenance, especially cleaning and sanitation. Your experienced technician has the equipment and know-how to effectively tackle even the dirtiest hot tub / spa. No matter how bad you think yours may be, we’ve seen worse! So don’t procrastinate any longer – give us a ring to set up your service call today.

Your Poolwerx technician is also licensed and certified to repair hot tub / spa damage. So, if they discover that any repairs are necessary, they can also take care of them for you.

All hot tub / spa drain and clean services involve comprehensive maintenance, including:

  • Draining, cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub / spa
  • Refilling your hot tub / spa and balancing the water chemistry
  • Cleaning your filters with a filter cleaner
  • Cleaning your hot tub / spa cover and treating it with protectant
  • Cleaning any stainless steel handrails
  • Inspecting your hot tub / spa equipment, including pumps and controls
  • Checking your ozonator or UV system

Choose between three different levels of hot tub / spa drain and cleaning services:

  • One-time drain and clean
  • Semi-annual drain and clean
  • Quarterly drain and clean


Are you ready to restore your hot tub / spa to its crystal clear former glory? With a Poolwerx hot tub / spa drain and clean, you can do just that. Request a service today so you can start enjoying your hot tub / spa again.