Which Pool Heating Solution is right for you?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use your pool for longer than just a season? This is one of the biggest reasons pool owners invest in a pool heating system. Adding a heater or a solar pool cover to your swimming pool helps you extend the swimming season so you can enjoy a swim at the perfect temperature whenever you want. Here we are going to discuss the three main options to heat your pool: electric heat pump, gas pool heater and solar covers.

Electric Pool Heat Pump

 An electric heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from the outside air into the water. Since they use heat that is already available and just move it from one place to another, they use less electricity making it energy efficient. These pool heaters may cost more than gas pool heaters, but they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies, according to energy.gov. With proper maintenance, heat pumps typically last longer than gas pool heaters. Therefore, you’ll save more money in the long run. Heat pumps work efficiently as long as the outside temperature remains above the 45ºF–50ºF range. The cooler the outside air they draw in, the less efficient they are.



Gas Pool Heater

Gas heaters use natural gas or propane that is ignited by a flame to heat water as it runs through the unit. The water passes through a series of tubes that go through a burner, and the water temperature is raised by coming into contact with the hot coils. Gas heaters can function in any weather and at any temperature allowing you to enjoy your pool year-round. According to energy.gov they are the best at raising the temperature quickly making it ideal for weekend use, when friends or family arrive unexpectedly or for second homes. Proper installation done by a pool professional and maintenance of the gas pool heater can optimize its efficiency. 


Solar Covers

Also known as a bubble cover, this is a thin cover that has air bubbles all over it. A solar pool cover absorbs heat from the sunlight and is able to heat your pool up to eight degrees. Installation is very simple and once the cover is measured and cut to the shape of your pool it is ready for use. It helps to minimize the amount of dirt and debris that get in your pool. Many pool owners use a cover roller with this type of cover to make it easier to put on and take off the pool. 


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