Top 3 benefits of pool automation

Do you love having a pool but don’t like to spend time looking after it? Cleaning your pool, maintaining equipment, and regularly checking chemical levels can take up a lot of time, but there is a solution.

Over the past decade, there have been major technological advancements in pool automation, meaning pools are becoming more self-sufficient and low maintenance. Check out our top benefits of switching to pool automation.

It saves you time

As adults, we know that time is a valuable currency! Many pool owners don’t always have time each week to measure their chemical levels or clean their pool. Automation connects your pool’s equipment to a pool app and gives you the power to control your pool’s maintenance from the palm of your hand. Pool automation apps give you the ability to monitor the chemical balance of your water, plus your pump, chemical feeder, and chlorinator can all be connected to an automated system.

Man falling off pool toy into pool

It’s convenient

Your pool and spa are all about enhancing your lifestyle and a pool app can let you enjoy your pool with one touch of a button. You can manage and control your pool settings from wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

What’s more, you have the ability to select and save your favorite settings to suit any season and any occasion. For example, you can create ‘winter’ or ‘summer’ customized settings with specific temperatures and maintenance schedules to suit that season or how often you’ll be using the pool. You can even create a ‘party’ or ‘nighttime’ setting to include pool lighting and water features.

Pool light in empty pool

It gives you flexibility

Live in your own home of the future with a pool controlled from your phone. Have you ever been sitting inside and realized you left the pool light on or you’re heading home from work and want to switch on the pool pump? With pool automation, you can have remote access to your pool.

Pool automation gives you the flexibility to change your pool’s settings and maintenance schedule to suit you. Maintenance schedules may change due to climate and usage levels but being able to adjust your settings remotely can give you peace of mind.

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Your local Poolwerx has a pool automation system to suit you! Ask us about the features and benefits of the different automated pool control systems and see which one is right for you.

Take control of your pool with pool automation! Contact your locally owned and operated Poolwerx and we can help you get started today!

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