Pool Coping


Pool Coping

What is Coping?

Coping is the edge around your swimming pool wall. Today’s high end pools are treated to an upscale coping of thick natural stone. This coping can be irregular to blend nicely with flagstone decking, adapting well to the irregular edges of natural pools and integrating nicely with rocks and boulders. We also offer brick coping for people wanting a more traditional look for their pool. The key is to choose a coping material finished in a way that is most compatible with the decking material.


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When deciding on what coping you want, you have many different options. Different styles include Cantilever Concrete, Bullnose, Rolled Edge, Precast Coping, Custom Stone and more. You also will need to determine what kind of material you would like.

Coping may seem like a little decision but it has huge impact when it comes to your pools finished look. Call Poolwerx today and we can help make your pool remodel flawless and simple.

natural stone coping


Natural Stone

bullnose coping


Bull-Nose Brick

Travertine Coping