Pool Drain and Clean


Pool Drain and Clean

Only experienced pool professionals should undertake pool draining and cleaning. Learn how your Poolwerx service technician can get your pool looking its best again with a pool drain and clean.

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In many cases, a pool drain and clean will be a last resort, but sometimes it’s the only way to get your pool looking its best.

Pool draining and cleaning may be necessary if you’ve experienced substantial dirt flooding, long-term algae staining, metal staining, or there’s simply no other way to restore your old, degraded pool surface. In some areas high calcium levels in regular tap water mean that a pool drain and clean is occasionally necessary to keep your pool looking good.

Only experienced pool professionals like Poolwerx should undertake a pool drain and clean.

Our service technicians are happy to visit your pool and determine if it is suitable for a cleaning and how well the surface will respond.

In extreme cases, such as metal staining or dirt flooding, your pool may need to be acid washed. Using a diluted acid solution, your Poolwerx technician will remove a very thin layer of pool surface to expose a fresh, clean layer. Due to the nature of this process, an acid wash should always be a last resort. Your service technician will help you decide if this level of service is required.

Drain and Clean Process:

  • Pool drained using Poolwerx-supplied pump
  • Pool surface high-pressure washed
  • Pool surface inspected and small stains treated
  • Pool surface acid washed and pressure washed again (if required)
  • Pool refilled and restarted
  • Poolwerx computerised water test and balance

Draining and cleaning your pool is a multi-day process. Not only do Poolwerx technicians have the necessary skills and resources for this task, we’re also fully insured to undertake a project of this size, so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

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To determine whether a pool drain and clean is the right option for you, request a service with our technicians today.