Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection


Pre-Purchase Pool Inspection

Avoid disappointment and unexpected repair bills by investing in a Poolwerx pre-purchase pool inspection before you sign on the dotted line for your new home and pool.

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If you’re buying a home with a pool or hot tub / spa, a pre-purchase pool inspection should be high on your list of priorities.

There’s nothing more disappointing than dreaming about relaxing in your new pool or hot tub / spa, only to find that it requires significant repairs before you can actually enjoy it. Not only is this disappointing, it can also leave you with an unexpected repair bill when money is often at its tightest!

With a pre-purchase pool inspection, Poolwerx can save you from this potential headache – and possibly thousands of dollars worth of repairs – by pinpointing possible problems with the pool or hot tub / spa before you purchase it.

Your pre-purchase pool inspection will inspect the condition and working order of the pool and key pool equipment, including:

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Chlorinator/chemical feeder
  • Pool cleaner
  • Lights
  • Associated white goods (baskets, eyeballs, etc)
  • Water chemical balance
  • Visual appearance of pool surface


As part of this service, Poolwerx will provide you with an independent report of the pool and hot tub / spa on the property you’re considering purchasing. Your pool technician can also provide a quote to rectify any issues found during the inspection.

Why take the risk? Arrange for a Poolwerx pre-purchase pool inspection at your next property today.