Summer Boost Bundle


Save up to 15% Off Select Specialty Chemicals!

Buy 1 product save 5%, Buy 2 save 10%, Buy 3 save 15%

Save on: Algaecide, enzymes and clarifiers, specialty chemicals and more!


Enzymes & Clarifiers

Remove unwanted contaminants, lift deposits from the pool’s surface and clear cloudy pool water by adding Enzymes and Clarifiers. 

Phosphate Reducers

Help restore balance to your pool water and prevent algae blooms with Phosphate Remover. 

Ultima Endure

Maintain crystal clear pool water and prevent other pH-related issues with Ultima Endure. 

Specialty Chemicals

Improve your pool filter’s efficiency and remove dirt, lotions, body oils, insects, leaves, and other contaminants with POOL BREEZE® Filter Pro. 


Prevent algae growth and fight off organic contaminants with Algaecide.