Common pool problems to avoid this winter

As the winter months approach some pool owners will close their pool for good, while others will keep it open year-round. If you decide to keep your pool open in the winter months, it is important not to walk away and forget about your pool all winter. Careful pool maintenance is critical to protecting your investment and avoiding costly repairs in the spring. Learn more about the most common pool problems this winter season. 

Unpredicted freezing temperatures

During the winter it is essential to keep the pool water moving to avoid damages to the equipment. If your winters are not as extreme, but you may occasionally face freezing temperatures, a freeze protection device is highly recommended because it automatically turns the pump on when the temperature drops to around 34 degrees. A freeze protector keeps your pool running as long as the temperature remains close to freezing and helps you avoid equipment damages and expensive repairs.

Unbalanced Water Chemistry 

Even though the pool is being used less often in the winter, it’s still important to regularly check the water’s chemistry to avoid harmful bacteria and germs from growing. The best way to kill germs is by properly maintaining the free chlorine concentration and pH. To do this, pool owners must routinely test and adjust both the free chlorine concentration and pH. 

Dropping Water Levels  

As air temperatures drop and wind speed picks up in the winter, the humidity also drops. Lower humidity and higher wind speeds cause pool water to evaporate faster and pool water level to drop. When the water level gets too low, the skimmers run dry and cause the pump to lose prime. If this happens there will be no water movement through the pool equipment and the plumbing will freeze. However, one of the best ways to ensure the water level stays consistent is to install a solar pool cover. This cover helps to minimize water evaporation and the amount of dirt and debris that get in the pool. 

Neglected Pool 

A neglected pool will cause the skimmers and main drain to get blocked with leaves and other debris. This prevents the pump from moving enough water to prevent freezing. Even though it’s cold outside, it’s crucial to clean the skimmer baskets daily if necessary.

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