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It is very discouraging to walk into your backyard and hear the unmistakable, high pitched squeal of a pool pump gone bad. If you have never heard this sound, consider yourself lucky. It is an ear piercing noise that will send you running for the pool equipment power switch. Do not fret, all is not lost. Replacement motors are readily available and Poolwerx can install it in less than an hour. It is important to remember when replacing a pool pump motor all of the gaskets, o-rings and seals should be replaced as well. This is something that the technicians at Poolwerx know.

A Leaking Pump

The leaking pool pump proves to be a much greater threat to your pool happiness than most anything else. Most pool equipment is located in a place in the backyard where it is not easily visible. This is a problem because serious leaks tend to go unnoticed for considerable amounts of time. If you have ever gone out of town for a week and come home to an empty pool, you know what I mean. Never, ever just let a leak go. Any leak in the filtration system must be addressed immediately. Leaks do not fix themselves and will get worse in a hurry. Most of the time, a leaking pool pump can be repaired by re-plumbing the pump.

An Older Pump

Other times major pump parts or the entire pump must be replaced. If your pump is more than 5 years old, we highly recommend that you consider replacing the entire pump. Today’s pool pumps are made primarily out of a polymer that will weaken over time. Cracks in pump pots and volutes can be devastating to your pool. The repercussions of an unattended, empty pool can be catastrophic. Empty pools can be pushed out of the ground by the swelling soil after a heavy rain. Check your equipment often and make repairs to any piece of the equipment that is not working properly or leaking.  It will save you major headaches down the road.

The Poolwerx team can help you with any issue may have. 

Our repair technicians hold electrical licenses that allow them to work on any type of issue you may have. Call today to secure your spot on the schedule!



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