Get your pool ready for the holidays

As you are getting the home ready for the holidays, don’t forget about your pool! While it’s almost a certainty that no one will be jumping into your pool this December, it’s still a beautiful focal point of your home. Your pool says a lot about your property, and your friends and family will no doubt want the full tour. You can avoid the embarrassment of a dirty or murky pool by preparing in advance.

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Annual Servicing and Maintenance

Annual servicing is highly recommended. It’s the perfect time to identify any problems with your pool or spa and get them corrected. Maintenance check-up’s are extremely important to ensure that there isn’t anything wrong with your pool that you may not have noticed, such as chipped or cracked tiles or issues with the filtration system. By maintaining your pool, you help protect its structural integrity and equipment.

Changing Filters and Balancing Chemicals

Without treating your pool with the proper chemicals, your pool may get taken over by bacterial growth and other unsettling intruders. Changing the filters is also an ideal way to prepare your pool and make sure that it’s perfect when the spring and summer roll around.


Holiday Pool Lighting

Are you decorating your home for Christmas? Why not include your pool? Ask our service department about custom lighting options that can make your pool festive for the season. With green and red pool lights, Santa is sure to stop by!

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Pool Cleaning Services

If your pool hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it can be very difficult to clean it yourself. Leaves, dirt and other items can easily get caught in a pool, especially if it hasn’t been in use. Our professional pool technicians can clean your pool quickly and leave it in a condition that will be far easier for you to maintain on your own.

Not only is a clean and maintained pool more attractive, but it’s also better for the pool itself. Pools need to be maintained throughout the year as preventative maintenance. An improperly balanced pool or a pool that is not properly winterized may become damaged and require expensive repairs or resurfacing come the summer months.

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