How to Clean your Infinity Pool

An infinity pool, or as some may call it, a vanishing edge pool, is a beautiful pool design addition to homes near waterfronts. The lack of pool coping on the rear edge of this pool creates a fabulous effect where the water’s edge in the foreground blends into water in the background. As a result, you get an uninterrupted view of your beautiful backyard and allows you to feel more connected with your surroundings.


Infinity Pools Require a Few Extra Steps When Cleaning

When it comes to pool maintenance, sometimes infinity pools can be more of a challenge to clean. In a typical, traditional pool, most people would only have to clean and chemically treat the main body of the pool where most of the fun and activity takes place. In the case of an infinity pool, the water flows over the edge to a lower catch basin. This basin captures the water that comes from the upper level and returns it back to the upper level. It is very important to clean and take care of this basin, which acts like a mini pool. It has a lower suction source that must be free of all debris so that the water to be suctioned and returned back to the upper level. In addition to taking good care of your basin, pool owners must be sure to watch their water level because infinity pools tend to evaporate more than a standard pool. As the water falls over the edge, it can evaporate before collecting in the lower basin.

What About Water Chemistry in Your Infinity Pool?

When it comes to water chemistry for your infinity pool, it’s the same as a standard pool. Since infinity pool water tends to evaporate faster, this tends to affect the chlorine and overall pool chemistry more frequently, so be sure to test your infinity pool twice a week.

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