How to protect your pool against freezing temps

freezing weather with pool


Freezing temperatures are here. What can you do to protect your pool equipment during a freeze? Here are a few tips to help you out during freezing weather.

  1. Make certain the main pool pump is running continuously while the temperature is below freezing. You should have a freeze protection device that will automatically turn the pump on when the temperature drops to around 34 degrees. A freeze protector will keep your pool running as long as the temperature remains close to freezing. A quick visual check will be in order the next time the temperature drops to around 34.  If the pool does not turn itself on, you can always call Poolwerx to have the issue resolved.
  2. Make sure the pool is clean. If your skimmers and main drain get blocked with leaves and other debris it can prevent the pump from moving enough water to prevent freezing. Even though it’s cold outside, don’t forget to clean the skimmer baskets daily if necessary.
  3. Maintain the proper water level. If the water level gets too low, your skimmers will run dry and cause the pump to lose prime. If this happens there will be no water movement through the pool equipment and the plumbing is certain to freeze.
  4. Remove the drain plug or open the hose bib on the backwash line. Backwash lines have a tendency to retain water in them. If not drained, they can freeze and break.

Lost power? Don’t forget your pool!

In the event you lose power, you should also take measures to protect your pool and equipment. Remove all drain plugs from every piece of equipment in the system (i.e. pumps, filter, and heater). We suggest you kill the power to the equipment so it does not immediately come back on when the power returns, and cover the pool equipment with tarps and blankets. This can help protect your equipment and plumbing from freezing.

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