Benefits of Pool Heater-Chillers

Imagine being able to extend the swimming season to the cooler months and enjoy your pool more in the hottest months. Not too hot, not too cold… just right! That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Nowadays, this dream can become a reality! With a heating and cooling system, you can make the most out of your pool year-round. Here are some reasons why you should consider making this investment.

Benefits of a Pool Heater 

A pool heater is a machine that can heat your pool water either from the outside air such as with heat pumps, or using natural gas or propane such as with gas heaters. Solar heaters can also heat your pool’s water using solar energy.

Adding a heater to your swimming pool helps you extend the swimming season so you can enjoy a swim at the perfect temperature in the spring and fall. A pool is an investment and adds value to your home. With a heated pool, not only do you get to enjoy your pool for a longer part of the year, making the most of your investment, but prospective home buyers also would be more interested in purchasing a home with a pool they can use for longer. Another benefit is that pool heaters require very little maintenance, and they have a relatively long life expectancy. By having your pool regularly serviced, your technician can ensure the system is kept working properly, no matter what season it is. 

Benefits of a Pool Chiller 

A pool chiller is a machine that circulates and cools down the water in your swimming pool, pulling heat out of the water and releasing it out into the air. A pool chiller can help keep your pool at a cool and refreshing temperature during the hot summer months, where the constant high temperatures normally can lead to excessively warm water. It guarantees that a dip in your swimming pool in the summer is always an enjoyable experience. A chiller also helps slow algae and bacteria growth that happens when the pool water heats up and chlorine levels decrease causing a chemical imbalance. According to the EPA, warmer water is easier for small organisms to move through and allows algae to float to the surface faster. By cooling your water you help the water be less hospitable for algae to grow and also avoid chemicals to evaporate. 

Benefits of a Heater-Chiller

We just talked about all the wonderful benefits of pool heaters and chillers. Now the heater-chiller is a machine that can both heat and cool a pool, having the ability to switch between heating and chilling on demand.

Installing an all-in-one heater-chiller can mean the difference between using your pool just during the hottest months, to enjoying your pool for longer. Heater-chillers such as Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump with SoundShield™ and Aquacal Heatwave SuperQuiet feature innovative thermo control technology that can make your pool water the perfect temperature by either drawing heat from the air to warm the water or removing the heat from your pool to cool it down. Adding a heater-chiller to your pool allows you to extend the swimming season to both the cooler and warmer months. Not sure which heater-chiller is the best for you? Stop by your local Poolwerx to learn more about our heating and cooling solutions.  

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