Three pool care tips for fall

Now that fall is here, we’ve put together 3 easy tips to help you maintain your pool and tackle some of the biggest fall frustrations.

  1. Leaves

Leaves are probably the biggest issue when it comes to pools in autumn. Not only are they unsightly, but they can clog your filters or worse, stain your pool if you let them collect. There are two easy ways to tackle this issue. You can hire a pool service (Poolwerx offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service plans =P). Or you can invest in a pool cover and only remove it when the pool will be used or if you’re having an outdoor gathering. Otherwise, you may be stuck netting the pool yourself every day.

Pool leaf net


  1. Filter

Keep an eye on your filter. Your pool might be getting less use during the fall but those leaves we just mentioned, they can prevent filters from properly doing their job. Check your traps, watch those filters and be sure to empty your skimmer baskets and pump basket regularly.

Man doing a pool cartridge Filter Clean


  1. Heating Equipment

Most pool owners will extend the use of their pool by installing heating equipment. Always make sure to use a trusted source when purchasing equipment and leave the installation to the pool experts. At Poolwerx, we pride ourselves on our expertise with plenty of seasoned professionals to guide you through your buying journey and help you with your installation.

Aqualcal Heat Pumps

If you already have heating equipment installed, make sure to have a routine service check to guarantee that your heating equipment is running properly and efficiently.

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