Tips for pool cover care

When it comes to pool maintenance, most owners focus on the pool water, equipment and chemicals, but it is also important to keep your pool cover clean. Proper pool cover care can help prolong the life of your cover. So, what can you do to keep your pool cover in top shape? Take a look at our top tips below.

Regularly remove leaves and other debris

While your pool cover may keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of your pool, it is important to regularly clear this debris from your pool cover as sharp sticks could poke holes in your cover and leaves may leave stains. A hose and/or a broom can be used to clear any debris.

Check for tears or holes regularly

If your pool cover has a hole, not only can debris fall into your pool, it also means water may evaporate. This could lead to water levels dropping and the water becoming unbalanced. Whenever you are cleaning or balancing your pool water, have a quick look over your pool cover to ensure there are no tears or holes. If you do find a tear/hole, contact your pool cover supplier to have it repaired.

Wipe/Hose it down

Pool covers should be cleaned every few months (approximately 3 months) to help prolong its life. When your pool cover is exposed to pool water, the sun then dries it out and leaves a chemical residue. This residue can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your pool cover. Regularly wiping or hosing your pool cover down can help minimize the amount of residue.

Use a roller

A pool cover roller is a great tool that makes adding and removing a pool cover much more convenient. To help prolong the life of your pool cover when it’s rolled up, be sure to put a cover on it. This cover can help protect your pool cover from sun damage when it’s not in use.


Leave cover off after adding chemicals

When you add chemicals to your pool, leave the cover off for about two hours to help prevent premature aging of the cover.


Clean the motor box

If you have an automatic pool cover, it is important to look after the motor box as well to ensure it is kept in good working order. When you clean your pool cover, also take the time to:

  • Clean out the motor box and remove any debris or grime that could slow down the motor
  • Hose off the tracks
  • Look over the motor for any equipment damage

Do you need a pool cover? Or looking to upgrade your current pool cover? Our team of experienced staff can chat with you about what pool cover solutions would best suit your needs and your budget. Find your nearest Poolwerx today. 

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