Tips on keeping your pool healthy during the fall season

With the extended summer season in full effect, Poolwerx wants you to enjoy your pool for as long as possible! Check out Dan Bradford on CBS Orlando where he talks to News 6 about how to make sure your pool is at its best!

With so much warm weather year round, its important to keep up with your pool’s health. Listen to Dan Bradford with Poolwerx discuss why its important to keep up with your pool.

So many things can effect the quality of your pool water.


The amount of rain we get here which washes things off of trees and can effect the water quality. Even though your pool looks clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean your pool is healthy.

Bring a water sample in for testing

You can bring your water test into your local Poolwerx and have your water tested to make sure its healthy. Your Poolwerx professional will use the latest technology to test your pool water and test your water balance and chlorine residual and such. Environment, people and animals can impact your pools health. Our system can test for phosphates which is food for algae, calcium levels, high chlorine levels and more.

How often should you test your water?

We recommend you to test your own water about once a week. You should be going into your local Poolwerx at least once a month, but we like for you to come atleast twice a month. In fact at Poolwerx we have what’s called our algae free guarantee. Learn more about our algae free guarantee program at your Poolwerx.

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