Why Hot Tubs Make The Perfect Holiday Gift


One of the best ways to relax is to soak in a hot tub filled with warm, bubbly water. Investing in a spa offers many benefits every time you use it. A hot tub is the perfect family gift, and you won’t need to check each person off your list individually. The following are just a few reasons why a hot tub is the perfect holiday gift.

  • If you take a dip at night, the heat and jets will relax your body leading to a deeper and more restful sleep. The National Institute of Health estimates that 30% of Americans suffer from sleep disruption. All the benefits of immersing yourself in warm water—tension relief, improved circulation and more—also help create healthy sleep habits according to the Better Sleep Council. Raising your internal temperature by soaking in a hot tub two hours before bedtime and then having your body naturally return to normal temperature after you exit your spa, creates a gentle transition that improves sleep. 
  • People have always been naturally drawn to water as a source of comfort—the soothing sounds of a bubbling brook, the relaxing steam of a natural hot spring. Water therapy in a hot tub combines all the best calming features of water in addition to opening the blood vessels to improve circulation, relaxing the muscles, and providing an escape from the pressures of daily life.
  • A hot tub in your backyard will make you feel as if you’re on vacation every day. There is no need to travel far, a relaxing getaway will be just steps away in your backyard. Additionally, you’ll be able to soak up some quality time with your family. Hot tubs provide a great place for families to connect and spend time together. 
  • Having a hot tub is even a great excuse to get together with friends. You can have a group of friends over for happy hour or a night under the stars. Since the water is always hot, a tub provides you with a place to spend time outside year round. 

Now that you know why a hot tub makes the perfect gift this holiday season, don’t forget to add one to your gift list. It is an investment you won’t regret all year long, and it will last you a lifetime!

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