Why is Pool Coping Important?

What is pool coping? Pool coping is the edge around your swimming pool wall. Adding a pool coping to your pool provides you with something to grab onto when you’re ready to get out of the water and protects it from water damage. But why is pool coping so important and why does your pool need it? Continue reading to learn more about  the main reasons your pool needs coping.

Protects the shell of the pool 

The purpose of pool coping is to protect the pool shell and prevent debris and water from falling behind it. Leaving the edge of the pool shell exposed can cause it to fall apart and become damaged. The pool shell is an integral part that needs to be properly maintained to avoid long-term issues and problems.

Helps to keep debris out of the pool

Pool coping keeps debris like grass, leaves, and dirt from entering the pool. With the coping, water and grass clippings will be forced towards the deck’s drains instead of draining into the water.

Makes it safer for swimmers to get in and out of the pool

People spend more time on the pool edge than they do in the pool. It is for that reason it is important to make sure the edge of the pool does not have any sharp edges and can handle the weight of people getting in and out. Coping is often made of non-slip material, and it helps make the pool much safer in general.

It is aesthetically pleasing 

Pool coping helps to give a complete and finished look to your swimming pool. Without these pool coping materials, the surface around the pool does not look complete.


When it comes to coping you have the option to choose from materials like stone, concrete, bricks and composite materials. There are also different coping styles like Cantilever Concrete, Bullnose, Rolled Edge, Precast Coping, Custom Stone and more. Coping may seem like a little decision, but it has a huge impact when it comes to your pool’s finished look. Call Poolwerx today and we can help you choose the best coping style and material for your pool. 

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