Why you should avoid the hot tub expo shows


Beware of large hot tub and swim spa expos! They sound great but here are some reasons you should avoid them!

We have many clients that let us know they see a huge hot tub expo going on this weekend in many different cities. We are always asked if our hot tubs will be there. But what many people do not understand is while they do sell 2-3 different brands they are all the same. These hot tub expo show’s will advertise that they will have many different brands however it is not true.

Below we have many different reasons why you should not buy from these large hot tub expos. We warned you now!

No wet testing the spa first

When you are at these traveling shows with many other people, there isn’t a way to try out the hot tub before you buy it. Would you buy a car without test driving it first?

Not the company you thought

Before you make a purchase that can be thousands of dollars, you need to ask yourself- Who will I call when I have an issue? Will they show up? Do they use a third-party for service or will it be them?  Many of the “spa shows” hire people from around the world to come and work the show and therefore when the show is over they are gone. You need to research the dealer first and be sure they will be around.

Under pressure reps

As stated before these spa sales guys are only here for the show. They need to sell as many as they can before they leave (or no commission for them). They are very high-pressured and want you to make a decision right now!

They will say anything from “the price is only available now” to “this is our last model in stock”. Why is the price only available for the three “expo show” days?

The great “savings”

When they say the hot tubs are 50-60% off right now only, chances are they have inflated the price and you are looking at the original amount to begin with. Just think about who will really cover the cost of the large event space they have rented out to be there. Trust me it’s not them!

At the end of the day we want you to be happy and enjoy your new backyard oasis for years to come. There is no need to rush into a decision and there will be plenty of more sales available. You need to evaluate which hot tub is right for you whether it is for family time or therapy and explore your options. Do be sure to do your homework before you put that down payment and stuck under contract!

Here are some questions to ask before you purchase:

Is there a local showroom or service area I can physically go to? How long has it been in business?

Do they do the service or do they hire a third-party contractor?

What is the cancellation policy?

What does the delivery process look like? Full service and hook up or will you drop my hot tub off in my driveway? (yes it happens)

Can I wet test this hot tub before I buy it?

Who will I call when I need help whether it’s a service problem or just a chemical question?



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