Pool Resurfacing


Pool Resurfacing

Plastering your pool

Whether you want to apply the traditional standard white plaster, or if you would rather add some spice to your swimming pool and spa by applying a Quartz or Pebble finish, Poolwerx can do it! We look forward to bringing happiness back to your backyard.

There are many options to consider when you are looking at all the different pool finishes such as Durability, water color, the temperature of the water and texture. If your pool is starting to look and feel a bit rough, it’s probably time to replaster. Standard pool plaster can usually last anywhere from 8 to 1​2 years before its time to replaster.

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White Plaster

Traditional white pool finish

Traditional Plaster is a mix of white cement, white sand or marble aggregate, and water.

all tile finish

All tile pool finish

Pool Tile finishes can include glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain.

fiberglass pool

Fiberglass pools

A one-piece structured pool that is made up entirely of fiberglass materials.

Quartz Finish

Quartz ​aggregate pool finish

​Combining pool plaster with a blend of crushed quartz and mineral based pigments offers superior strength and color options

We offer the latest brands including QuartzScapes®, ​Diamond Brite, Durazzo, and others

exposed pebble

Exposed aggregate pool finish

​Incorporating pebbles, stones and even glass beads into the pool plaster not only adds durability to the pool finish but gives an outstanding look and feel.  This type of finish extends the life of the plaster up to 20 years or more.

Brands offered include Pebble-Tec, Stonescapes®, River Rok, and Crystal Stones

Exposed aggregate would have a bumpy texture, while Polished aggregate would have a smooth texture.

We can help you determine exactly which surface will be better for your pool and for your budget!