Pool and Spa School


Pool and Spa School

Pool cleaning and maintenance made easy. Learn basic steps for maintaining your pool or hot tub / spa on a regular basis with training from your local Poolwerx service technician.

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Cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool or hot tub / spa can be a daunting process.

That’s why Poolwerx offers a customized training service specifically designed for new and existing pool owners and tenants.

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow, our Pool and Hot Tub / Spa School teaches you a simple preventative maintenance and cleaning routine so you can keep your pool or hot tub / spa in pristine condition. With a broad range of training programs designed for every level of ownership, finding the right one for you couldn’t be easier. Whether you are new to pool or hot tub / spa ownership, require familiarization with a new piece of equipment or simply need a refresher course on maintenance and routine care, Poolwerx can help. Our training programs are also suitable for property managers and tenants.

Sign up for our Pool and Hot Tub / Spa School today to gain invaluable knowledge and be confident you know how to keep your pool or hot tub / spa clean and healthy during the upcoming swim season!

Training Overview:

Duration – 1 hour

Course Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive overview of all pool equipment
  • Information on the importance of healthy water
  • Information on proper use and storage of pool chemicals
  • Detailed safety instructions

Your local Poolworx service technician will provide this training at your home or premises.