Welcome to your new Pool


Welcome to your new Pool

Learn how to use and care for your new pool so you and your family can enjoy a healthy, crystal-clear pool every day.

Find a Poolwerx

We have a large network of Retail Stores and Mobile Service Units. Let’s find your closest Poolwerx.

No matter if you just moved into a house with a pool or you had a new pool installed and you’re not sure how to care for it, Poolwerx has your back.

With our pool handover and training service, rest assured that you’ll learn all the basics of pool ownership from our expert technicians.

Your Poolwerx technician will explain to you:

  • How the water moves through your pool’s system
  • The importance of filtration and chlorination
  • When and how to empty baskets
  • When and how to clean your filters
  • When and how to adjust your timers and settings
  • How to clean your pool correctly

Pools can feel overwhelming if you don’t know how to care for them. But with Poolwerx on your side, you’ll be the master of your very own pool in no time!

Call Poolwerx and request a pool handover and training service today.