Our Values

At Poolwerx, our values are our DNA. They are implanted in every fiber of our brand.

They’re what we stand for and what we want to be known for.

They form the basis for how we treat others and how we want to be treated ourselves.

They’re the behaviors we see as most important when we communicate, interact and conduct relationships with our Franchise Partners, suppliers and clients.

Reinforced by our national support staff, our Franchise Partners and their employees, these mutual values minimize misunderstanding and frustration, improve timelines and greatly improve the respect and integrity we show each other. They foster trust in each other and in the Poolwerx brand – for we are the brand.

People first…always

Our people are our first priority, our first concern and our greatest strength. They include our Franchise Partners and their families and staff, our franchise support staff, our suppliers and our clients.

Do the right thing

We all know what “the right thing” is – we just need to do it. This is about acting with integrity in our dealings and showing respect to our brand and to one another. It’s about being honest, direct and trustworthy.

Find the better way

As a franchise system, we constantly strive to improve everything we do. We invest in improving and refining our professionalism, ourselves and our brand. This value is at the heart of our innovation and initiative – we strive to be the best!

Dare to succeed

As an extended community of entrepreneurial small business people, we rely on courage to succeed, to overcome adversity and to constantly rekindle our passion for our brand and our clients. By daring to succeed, we make things happen.


We add positive energy to the Poolwerx brand through supporting one another to be resilient and consistent. We take responsibility, learn from mistakes and strive to be part of the solution as we look forward, not back.