Is it time to remodel your pool?

Is your pool starting to look outdated? Is the surface starting to feel rough? Are you losing water? Have you noticed discolored or cracked tiles? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it might be time to renovate your pool. Here are some of the most significant signs to consider if it is time to renovate and create the backyard oasis you’ve ever wanted!  

Noticeable Cracks

When your pool has been cracking or the liner has been peeling, it is likely time for a pool renovation. This may include a lining repair or retiling the outside of your pool. This will provide a simple update to the outside of your pool. You can even consider changing up the color and styles of the materials used to surface your pool.


Rough Surface

If your pool is starting to look and feel a bit rough, it’s probably time to replaster. Standard pool plaster can usually last anywhere from 8 to 1​2 years before its time to replaster. Nowadays you can add color dyes or colored quartz chips to your surface. Another option is pebble plaster to add texture and color, as well as greater durability. 


If your pool is losing more than a ¼ inch of water a day, you likely have a leak. Leaks can originate from cracks in the pool, a bad skimmer seal, light conduits or many other areas. Using specialized techniques, technicians can pinpoint the location of your leak within a few feet of the source. They can then provide an accurate estimate and reliably repair your pool using the most up-to-date techniques available.  

Energy Efficiency Equipment 

In recent years, pool equipment has improved significantly, becoming more energy efficient, cost effective, and delivering better performance. Upgrading your equipment may bring many advantages like reducing maintenance costs, lowering energy bills, longer pool and spa lifespans and an overall enhanced user experience. Be it a new variable speed pump, robotic pool cleaner, state-of-the-art sand filtration system, or adding a heater. 

Outdated Appearance 

When you begin to look at the appearance of your pool and question whether you like it, it may be time to consider a complete renovation. This is an opportunity for you to change your pool’s appearance to reflect your current personal style. You can even customize the shape, size, and other features included within your outdoor space. This could be a complete overhaul, or it could include simple updates like new tiling or a water feature.



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